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Pavo Muticus



X-Wing and TIE Fighter Engagement Rings - Paul Michael Design

Katherine, we’re getting a divorce…I need to propose again.


think you should probably lose the my there, that’s the cougar’s house now




These shows taught me all about animals, science, math, geography, reading, grammar, kindness and friendship. 

This will always be golden 

My childhood

Mr. Rogers was actually an ex Marine and has tattoos everywhere that’s why he wore a sweater every episode


More egg madness in our otter exhibit—have a great #Easter weekend!

Watch the cuteness live


Glow In The Dark Heart Locket Necklace

This heart-shaped silver locket holds a blue, glass, heart-shaped inside which glows bright blue in the dark. The locket features ornate carving to accent the piece and to provide a unique and enchanting lighting effect. Hung on a silver-plated chain. Sold on Etsy.

DC Bombshell Variant Covers by Ant Lucia


The war Doctor was 1000% done with ten and eleven 2 minutes after meeting them.


every friend group has a mom







I don’t understand because wasn’t Olaf’s actions of lighting the fire, almost melting and then trying to save her and act of true love and shouldnt that have unfrozen her heart?

oh shit

for real i was watching and i was really upset that they did this scene but still needed love to be romantic??

but also them carrying her all the way back to the castle to get her there couldn’t that count as an act of love too??

It’s because the act of love had to be by Anna, not for her.


"Be with someone that requires you to grow, makes you forget your problem, holds your hand, likes to kiss, appreciates art, and adores you."

(via ohlovequotes)

Anna, 21, Writer, Lady and Scholar. Lover of large North American land mammals and coffee. Purple haired pixie with a handsome devil named Brian that's captured my heart.

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